Desperately Seeking Bloggers

Sun 18th September 2016 Andy 0

With Blues riding high in the league Small Heath Alliance is looking for contributors for its new blog, if you are an aspiring football writer and would like to get exposure then this is the place for you, with thousands of visitors every day you can get your views critiqued and ripped apart by a hoard of grammar nazis and football experts. Are you tough enough?

Identity crisis

Mon 22nd August 2016 Jon Berry 0

Twenty years ago I went to a baseball match with an old friend. It was a Tuesday evening game and, to an outsider, a low-key, routine fixture.

Gone but not forgotten

Fri 12th August 2016 Phil Walton 0

A muted goalless home draw against Cardiff followed by being unceremoniously knocked out of the League Cup by Oxford United, it’s not been the best of starts for Gary Rowett and the current crop of players at Blues.

Opening Day Report – Cardiff City

Mon 8th August 2016 James Glynn 0

It’s been a whole year since I’ve seen Birmingham play live. I’ve worked away in Japan for that time, watching the J-League (a competition comparative to the championship in quality or lack there of) and keeping tabs on my beloved Blues from afar.